Skydiver – Shamsudin Mohd Amin of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

skydiver Shamsudin Mohd Amin

It has appeared that Skydiver Shamsudin Mohd Amin (here-in after referred to as Deenglang) have been impersonating an organizer from Singapore. He registered a gmail account that closely resembles that of the consultant from Singapore.

What Did Skydiver Deengland Do With The Fake Email Account?

He used it to court a young executive whom was working for for a reputable bank in Malaysia and also who happened to be a static line student of his to participate in his elaborate “event”.

The email contents were filled with Skydiver Deenglang’s own “Deenglish” (broken English), if the young executive knew better she would have recognized that it couldn’t have been that badly written (considering the consultant is a Singaporean). Singapore has a literacy rate of 99.5% mind you.

Here are some pictorial excerpts from Deenglang’s impersonated emails to coax the sweet young executive  joining him to organize his elaborate “event”‘. In actual fact, he was just trying to get laid by “self- promoting” himself using the identity of someone with good standing.

impersonated emails from skydiver Shamsudin Mohd Amin (3 of 3)
impersonated emails from skydiver Shamsudin Mohd Amin (two of 3)

impersonated emails from skydiver Shamsudin Mohd Amin (one of 3)

Goodness gracious! The “Deenglish” in these emails make me cringe. The language is so bad, it really put the person he is impersonating in bad light. Not his reputation but his standard of English! If his English was that bad, he is better off renouncing his Singapore passport!

I mean common, there are better ways to woo a girl but this is simply ridiculous. I don’t even think Will Smith can coach Skydiver Deengland to do a better job.

As you can see these three pictorial excerpts of impersonated emails started way back in July of 2012. There are more emails from Deengland but we decided not to publish because they are just simply bad and nauseating. So bad, we wouldn’t want you to see more of it….eeeeeeeewwwwwwww….

How Did It Turn Out For Skydiver Deengland?

So anyway, last year during the soft launch when the real macoy showed up in Langkawi to assist Deengland in his event, Skydiver Deengland did everything he could to ensure the young executive do not have any opportunity to be alone with him and other professional Load Organizers.

How did Deengland persuade the young executive? He sold his pathetic crap load stories of being the most decorated young skydiver that Malaysia should be proud of. Of course he showed all his fake certificates followed by the impersonated emails from Deengland’s so called “best friend” (you know..til death do us part friendship, as he mentioned) of the Singaporean consultant.

To collaborate the story, he even told the young executive that his marriage has fallen into pieces with God knows whatever text messages between him and his wife. In the Muslim world, you know what that means when a husband say he already divorced with his wife. The divorce will immediately take effect and legitimate!

The naive young executive (who have not once met or know of any Singaporean who can’t speak English fluently), unfortunately, believed in Deengland’s tale. Deengland later twisted the story of his marriage to the young executive, and claimed he NEVER ONCE said he divorced her. Ridiculous and preposterous.

Deengland’s ex-wife is now filing charges against him in court for assault, emotional sufferings and financial embarrassment. 

And who knows… if he can hit the young executive… he must have beaten up his ex-wife too! Pity two great woman God lead him too. But never mind, their nightmare has ended. Obviously Deengland don’t deserve them both.

The poor young executive was also not spared. She was finally assaulted herself and cheated out of RM200,000. She borrowed heavily to finance the “event” and other personal expenses of Deengland.

She is also laden with debts incuured during the soft launch for the event in December 2012. Very painful.

She is now suing the pants off Deengland.

As of now Deengland is still promoting the event. Most of you would already have heard, he has postponed the event AGAIN to August (god knows which date) claiming it was due to the haze from Indonesia.

He also used stolen copyright content that belongs to the the consultant from Singapore. Sounds familiar isn’t it, forged credentials, skydiving certificates, and now fake websites.

Deengland has so many “skills” he would have been someone if he put it to good use. He could have worked for the Royal Malaysian Police’s fraud department., i.e. checking for forged documents or certificates. Remember Leonardo Dicaprio’s “Catch me if you can”?

Stay Tune for more of Skydiver Deengland’s stories here.

Oh for all you impressionable sweet young things; if you liked to be wooed online by a Deenglish Skydiver Casanova, please write to Deengland at Guranteed to make you extra special!…. Just make sure he signs off as Shamsudin Mohd Amin or Deen and not some other name, unless you like anonymity… hehehehe…

His number if you don’t like his bad Deenglish; +, +60.17.686.1750, +60.12.665.1854, +60.17.386.4790. Why does someone need so many lines?!… You figure it out.

One more thing, this Deengland is into porn! BIGTIME. When you question them, they always tell you they are not into it, but in reality they always get off from watching porn because they don’t know how to get some the proper way. They are too stingy to pay for some too.

Skydiver Deengland’s favorite porn site is… ooops sorry, we can’t give you the link here but here’s a hint. Its two syllable;  first is the color of roses, second syllable is the last syllable of the popular online video network that was bought over by Google.

Make sure you don’t eat anything before you link to Skydiver Deengland’s favorite porn site, its hardcore shit…. eeeeeewwwwwwwww…. Not something for normal people. But of course Deengland is not exactly normal is he? What a PERV!

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